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Chimney & Masonry

At Four Winds Masonry and Chimney, we perform a variety of services that ensure your exterior brickwork and chimney look great, function well, and perform safely.

Chimney Rebuilding

Sometimes the intrusions of wind and weather mean that your exterior chimney – the part that protrudes above the roofline – is too far gone to repair. In these cases, we’ll build you a completely new chimney that matches the previous height.

Chimney Repair

If the damage to a chimney is not too severe, we’ll find and remove damaged, cracked, or missing bricks and replace them. With our experience, you won’t even notice the new bricks are there.

Chimney Tuckpointing

In some cases, the bricks of your chimney may be in great shape – but the mortar may be deteriorated. Here, we’ll remove the existing mortar and repack the joints.

Chimney Crowns & Concrete Caps

Want to prevent damage to your chimney? A concrete chimney crown or cap will shed water away from the inside and outside of the masonry, which stops moisture infiltration.

Indoor Fireplace Restoration

Over time, indoor fireplaces can get blackened with soot, and their brick or stonework can deteriorate. We’ll professionally repair the damage to ensure that your fireplace will look good as new. We can reface your outdated fireplace with stone, brick, tile, or marble.

Masonry Restoration

Restorations can be challenging, whether it’s brick, stone, or stucco. We know how to restore it all the right way, so that you won’t notice a difference.

Exterior Stonework

Our master mason will transform the outside of your home into the living space of your dreams. From patios to brick ovens to outdoor fireplaces, we can make it happen for you.

Chimney Lining

The Most Important Part of Your Chimney

Bricks aren’t the most important part of your chimney. The chimney liner – a fireproof pipe installed within the chimney’s interior – is required by law for all chimneys. Its function is to direct smoke, soot, and other combustion byproducts outside, and to protect the walls of the chimney.

Chimney liners are one of the most important fire-prevention methods available. Without a liner, the heat from a chimney can actually cause your house to catch fire. In addition, without a liner, the bricks inside your chimney will rapidly break down due to corrosion. Lastly, a chimney liner will allow a modern wood stove or gas stove to function properly.

Four Winds Masonry is committed to protecting your chimney with high-quality materials that will prevent corrosion and fires. Contact us for more information about how our flue liners can protect you.

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