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Sweeps & Inspections

An unmaintained chimney is a recipe for disaster. Over time and without maintenance, your flue liner may break down, resulting in a high potential for fire. If your flue is blocked, then gasses such as carbon monoxide may accumulate inside your house. Deterioration in the brickwork or mortar is unattractive, falling bricks present a hazard to pedestrians, and of course a deteriorated chimney will be less effective at radiating heat.

All chimney owners should have their chimneys regularly inspected and swept. Four Winds Masonry and Chimney is happy to conduct thorough inspections of your chimney, both inside and out, starting from the fireplace all the way up to the chimney cover. We’ll make sure that the chimney is safe for use, free of moisture, debris, and other damage and obstructions that need repair. We use a camera to inspect the smoke chamber and bottom flue tiles.

As far as the sweeping process is concerned, we’ll make sure that none of the debris from inside the chimney will make it inside your home. We’ll thoroughly seal the enclosure of your fireplace, sweep from top to bottom, and then dispose of the debris. We’ll even clean your furnace flue! Contact us today for more information.

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